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Overview of Our Services

GCA Strategies provides public affairs services to clients facing community or political resistance to land use proposals.

In a nation where “Just Say No” has become a rallying cry for those trying to stop change, GCA shifts opinion, mobilizes action, and shapes public policy to serve clients needs across the country.

As a full-service public affairs firm, we provide a full range of communications and strategic planning services for real estate and land use clients, corporations, unions, non-profit organizations, trade associations, and government agencies. Services include community outreach, government relations and advocacy, crisis communication, issues management, public relations and campaign management. If you have legislative or community challenges or you’re trying to head off political problems before they start, give us a call. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Affordable Housing/Multi-Family Housing/MPCs
  • Commercial Development
  • Resorts/Recreation
  • Retail/Entertainment
  • Industrial/ Energy Development
  • Schools/Institutions/Non-Profits
  • Telecommunications
  • Mixed Use Development
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