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Public Opinion Research

With millions of dollars at stake, you don’t want to guess which messages or concessions will reduce NIMBY opposition or increase public acceptance for a project. GCA Strategies takes the guesswork out of winning political and community support with state-of-the-art public opinion and market research.

Persuasive Arguments

Simply relying on popular messages isn’t enough – you need to know what to say or do to actually shift citizens and politicians from anti-project attitudes to pro-project opinions. Sure, blue is the most popular color in America, but painting your hotel blue is unlikely to cause people to accept it in their backyards. GCA’s opinion research can distinguish between popular messages that people merely agree with and persuasive messages that actually convert negative attitudes into positive acceptance.

Effective Concessions

GCA clients don’t need to throw costly, ineffective concessions on the bargaining table or add extraordinary, unnecessary amenities to their projects. With sophisticated opinion research, GCA clients know they’re getting the right “bang for the buck” for each concession in the community, among special interest constituents, or at City Hall.

Target Audiences

Who are likely project opponents, potential supporters, and crucial “swing” voters? Should you avoid senior citizens? Reach out to renters? Are mothers with young children your most likely allies or your most likely enemies? Identifying the most persuadable audiences and those most crucial to project success helps you focus your resources effectively.

Communications Tactics

GCA’s research can help identify the best communication mechanisms to get your message out to the right audience. Drive-time talk radio may be a particularly effective way to reach your target audience, while defending the project from blogger attacks could be a complete waste of time and money. GCA’s public opinion polling results in actionable recommendations that result in measurable results.

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