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 City Hall Advocacy

Lobbying involves a lot more than simply playing golf with the mayor or taking the planning director to lunch. Today,
GCA uses sophisticated advocacy tools to help make City Hall work for real estate and business clients.

Decision-Maker Profiles

You need to know what makes each politician tick if you’re going to persuade that decision-maker to vote “yes.” How does each public official think, communicate, process information, and make decisions? Utilizing public record documents such as websites and campaign material, private interviews, and observations of public hearings and interpersonal behavior, GCA produces individualized decision-maker profiles for each targeted official. These profiles address key factors such as action-orientation, need for approval, risk-tolerance, and information processing styles for each public official.

Advocacy Plans

There is no effective “One Size Fits All” lobbying strategy. Each public official communicates and makes decisions in different ways, and individualized advocacy plans must be developed to respond to the needs of each official. Based on the confidential decision-maker profiles, GCA can assist in developing customized advocacy plans to guide communication with targeted officials.

Advocacy Materials

GCA prepares persuasive advocacy materials to make your case with public officials. Decision-maker advocacy briefs, position papers, findings, motions, resolutions – GCA can draft or review the documents you need to demonstrate that your project meets legal, political, and personal standards for approval.

Public Hearing Management

GCA can manage all aspects of your approval hearing, including mobilizing supporters, drafting sample witness testimony, coordinating presentations and managing press at the hearing.

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