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Communications Training

GCA’s communications training can expand your team’s communication and advocacy skills. Training participants walk away
with a full array of persuasion and hostile audience management tools.

  • Dealing with hostile audiences, personal attacks, insults and aggressive questioning.
  • Enhancing your own personal credibility — and knowing when someone else is lying.
  • Responding to citizen opposition based on misperceptions, loss of face, conflicts of interests, and conflicts of values.
  • Picking the right forum or outreach tool to empower allies and neutralize squeaky wheels.
  • Using sequential request strategies such as the Foot-in-the-Door approach and Door-in-the-Face technique to recruit and mobilize support.
  • Getting citizens to endorse your project and attend public hearings to testify in favor of it.

GCA’s customized training programs give your team the hands-on tools needed to anticipate political problems, avoid community controversy, promote pro-project attitudes and action, and turn your application into an approval, on time and on budget.

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