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Campaign Management

The voting booth is often the ultimate battleground for citizens trying to stop real estate projects, which is why clients turn to GCA Strategies to manage both defensive and offensive political campaigns.

Ballot Qualification Drives

When you need voter approval for your project, GCA can help qualify your measure for the ballot, including drafting ballot text, managing initiative qualification petition drives, recruiting support coalitions, and/or lobbying for legislative placement.

Anti-Qualification Campaigns

It is clearly a better strategy to keep a hostile measure off the ballot than to simply react to an anti-project initiative after it qualifies for an election. GCA specializes in anti-petition campaigns to prevent or defer qualification of hostile ballot measures.

Voter Advocacy

Campaigns are won or lost by voter contact. GCA provides grassroots organizing for phone banks, rallies, email/petition/letter-writing drives, door-to-door canvassing, neighborhood coffees, voter registration drives, voter identification, absentee ballot programs and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) programs.

Outreach Tools

GCA’s campaign tools include press and speaker’s bureau kits, messaging, handout literature, direct mail, website, social media and e-mail communication, advertising and collateral materials.

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